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23 Mar, 2019

Novruz Camp

28 Oct, 2018

Halloowen Masterclass

27 Aug, 2018

Summer School

18 Jun, 2018

Summer Camp

We teach science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) entertaining and encouraging

Adaptation of knowledge to real life

Unlike the traditional approach to the teaching of science and technology, STEM shows children how to apply scientific and technical knowledge in everyday life through practical exercises.

Project-based learning

In the STEM classes, kids are introduced to the sequence of stages in the engineering design process. First they participate in discussions, distribute work, create a design and only then build. At the end of each practical lesson, the project ends.

Development of skills to apply knowledge through practical training

Children spend most of the time trying to achieve results during the lesson, actively and dynamically working with their own hands and making their own conclusions. During the classes, children do not sit at the desk, but work and test their projects.

Simple and interesting explanation of scientific knowledge

Scientific and technical terms and definitions are explained in ways that are fun for children. For example, they study the transfer of potential energy into kinetic, making a rocket and watching the range of its flight, which is about 30 meters.

Development of the ability to work in a group and communication skills

In STEM classes, children also learn to express their thoughts and conduct discussions, because at the beginning of each lesson a brainstorm is conducted to discuss the project..

Development of critical thinking skills and problem solving

During the STEM classes, students try to solve the problems that arise at each of the six stages of the course. Students are given complete freedom to think.

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Summer Camp - 2019


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Master Class

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Halloween Masterclass "Ghostbusters"

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Summer Camp - 2018


  • APR 23, 2018

Spring Workshop

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Master Class “STEM Vibro-Soccer Cup”

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  • FEB 28, 2018

Novruz Camp

Come to celebrate Novruz with us, in a way only STEM can offer! DAYS: March 23,...