Novruz Camp

Come to celebrate Novruz with us, in a way only STEM can offer! 

DAYS: March 23, 24, 25, 26 

AGES: Junior (4-6) Apprentice/Master (7-14).


10:00 – 13:00 App/Mas (7-14 age) NOVRUZ CAMP 

In Robotics, get inspired by the Nature and find ways to make your robot move in new and innovative ways. In Engineering, use physics to transform ordinary household materials into fantastic devices. Let’s welcome Spring season! 


“Gorilla” Students will design, build and program a robotic gorilla that can interpret different signals and respond to each with different behavior. Kids will understand that robots use sensors for feedback in a similar way to which living beings use senses, and how communication changes according to the stimuli. 

“Carnivorous Flower” Students will make a smarter and adaptable robot when they build their own insectivorous flower that reacts to the light in the room and closes its jaw when it senses pressure. Kids will write a program that makes their robot move and explore how senses affect the behavior of living beings.


 “Mousetrap Machine”: Mousetraps are not only useful for killing rodents, but for bringing fantastic creations to life! Following safety measures, students will build cars that use the traps to storage energy, and then release it to move the wheels. 

 “Coffee Cup Bot”: Conveyor belts are used in a lot of mechanical systems, from cars to computers go industrial applications. In this lesson, kids will build a crazy toy that uses this mechanism for its movement.

15:00 – 17:00 JUNIOR (4-6 age) “Crazy Carnival” This class is a perfect mixture of fun and learning, using LEGO® WeDo™ Robots. Using LEGO® bricks, students will build funny inventions like an Angry Birds catapult, a remote controlled dancer, a duck hunt game and race cars. They also learn how to program and operate their creations using a laptop computer.

15:00 – 17:00 Tesla App/Mas (7-14 age) MinecraftEDUwith Redstone  “Medieval Machinations” MinecraftEDU is educational games that let players design and create unique worlds with amazing structures, applying engineering, logic, leadership and teamwork skills. One of the most challenging aspects of MinecraftEDU is Redstone, which is its version of electrical circuitry. This class will introduce students to the many uses of Redstone through a Medieval themed adventure of creation and exploration, with kids making mine cart tracks to help them gather resources, working together to build their kingdom, and designing electromechanical traps to defend the village

Payment is 100 Azn  per kid, 4 days camp at morning

Payment is 80 Azn per kid, 4 days camp at afternoon 

NOTES: Coffee break included. Lunch included for kids who take full-day Novruz Camp